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(Report, read on the topical Conference on genocide of the Crimean Tatar people in Simferopol on March 26, 2011)

     A wise and observant man once said: “The past, growing through the present, forms our future”. I hope you understand the image? In fact, nothing in this world goes without leaving a trace. What am I talking about? I mean that the genocide - one of the hardest crimes in a human society has its roots. However, in order to get rid of this vice and prevent the recurrences of misanthropic manifestations in the future, when the whole nations are victimized and exterminated, the mankind first of all has to eliminate the roots of this hatred, this xenophobia.
       I’ll tell you how they do it in a civilized world at the end of my story. First I would like to set an example that will be very clear for a citizen of the former Soviet empire.
       My generation knows well enough what genocide and xenophobia are, because we were the witnesses when huge groups of people were subjected to repressions. They belonged to so called anti-national and hostile classes (for example, nobility, clergy, merchant class and even intelligentsia), but also the whole peoples young and old (Chechens, Ingushs, Karachais, Balkars, Kalmyks, Koreans, Germans, Meskhetian Turks, Khemshils, Ingermanland Fins, Greeks, Crimean Bulgarians, Crimean Armenians and Crimean Tatars). The communist regime prepared these classes and 14 mentioned above ethnic groups the fate of outlaws and condemned persons.
       In Soviet time in concentration camps of GULAG there were from 10 to 12 millions of prisoners at the same time. Their contingent was constantly replenished, but their number remained the same, because the death rate was incredibly high, not only due to the unceasing shootings, but also due to the unbearable conditions of existence of so called “national enemies”, as they were commonly used to be called in times of communist regime.
       Thus, genocide and xenophobia are the main nutrient medium that nurtured and brought up the whole generations of Soviet people. People from their very childhood were imparted hatred towards the dissenting persons who live in accordance with guideline other than dictated by so called proletariat leaders and who think in a wrong way. These people were ranked among the unreliable elements without long reasoning and quickly find reasons to get rid of them. In short, there was a process of methodical moronization of the whole country, because the ideologists of the communist system set the direction on slaves’ support – the most numerous contingent of Russian empire. And this contingent was not only the most numerous (90% of all empire’s population), but also the most illiterate, and consequently also primitively thinking. It is natural that one could (and should) also manage this mass using only primitive authoritarian methods, because other methods were beyond their understanding.
       How did slaves appear in Russia? And how was this slaveholding state formed? Here I have to stop my thought and make a little excursus to history.
       This slavery age started on the spaces of Eastern Europe in 862, when Northman started using the continental way that they discovered and that the Slav tribes called in compliance with the land it ran through “the way from Varangians to Greeks” (by the way, the word Varangian (Varyag) originated from the word “Vorog” that means enemy). Up to 862 the enterprising merchants from Scandinavia had to pay duty when they went down the system of rivers on their boats passing the foreign lands. On the North the land was inhabited by Slavs and Finno-Ugric tribes, on the South – Bulgarians and Khazars. In order to get rid of these expenses the Scandinavian merchants decided to conquer this land with support of their squads.
       Northman squads that conquered the best lands for their colonies on the sea outskirts of Europe inspired fear on all Europe at those times. So they formed colonies on British Islands, in Normandy (France), in Island, Greenland and even in the North America. The Northman also played the master in Mediterranean Sea and rendered military services to Byzantium. With the lapse of time they discovered a shorter way from the richest Byzantium to their historic land. However, the Northman didn’t want to pay tribute for crossing foreign lands. That is why they traditionally set a goal before them to conquer this territory.
       However, conquering Bulgarians and later on Khazars was too difficult task for them. Though, they could conquer the Slavs. The first attempt failed, though. However, next time sea king (duke) Rurik gathered a powerful army and succeeded in making the local governors to sign the agreement in compliance to which all Slavs ask Rurik to be their governor. This way the Eastern Slavs were conquered by Northman (Norwegian) ethnic group that later on called themselves Russes. All lands occupied by Russes after this started referring to as Russian, in other words – belonged to Russes. This way the new Northman colony called Rus was formed.
       Relations between Scandinavians and Byzantium didn’t pass for them without a trace: on example of ancient Spartan the Northman who tried to imitate them in everything, established the same slaveholding orders in Rus as existed in Sparta for almost millennium. Russes-Northman turned into slaves all subject Slavs, as Spartans did in their times with the conquered ethnic group of Helots. Thus, the Slavs in Rus were doomed to be slaves all their life. In other words, the ethnic and class boundaries matched, like in ancient Sparta. Like Sparta Helots the Slavs mainly were occupied in agriculture. They even were not recruited to the army. This tradition was violated only by the emperor Peter the First (800 years later) when he introduced recruitment after the Streltsy revolt. However, the recruit soldiers remained the slaves, in other words, people deprived of their rights.
       The slave-Slavs were also prohibited to marry free people. Russes didn’t marry women belonging to slave class. So, Russian nobility had no relations with Slav ethnic group.
       Slavery, that took roots in Eastern European princedoms governed by Rurik descendants, wasn’t broken even by Tatar-Mongol conquers. After the foundation of Great Russian kingdom it only acquired the legal status. Only in 1861 the emperor Alexander the Second dared to violate the millennium old way of life and cancelled slavery in Russia, making slaves and their lords equal. (By the way, the 150-year anniversary of this momentous event was recently celebrated by the progressive society of Russian Federation).
       However, declaring suddenly all subjects of Russian empire legally equal in rights Alexander the Second couldn’t eliminate the tremendous differences between two Russian classes – slaves and their former lords with a stroke of the pen. The thousand year co-existence of these two classes, each of which had their own purpose, with inherent only to them responsibilities, made these people absolutely different from each other. At the same time it made them unable to exist one without another, when everyone was relieved from their usual duties.
       Thus, everyone: slaveholder and slaves remained dissatisfied. It is not surprising that there were several attempts to kill the emperor for his manifest and finally he was assassinated.
       However, the thing didn’t end with this. Quite the contrary, it was only beginning. Two classes of Russian people, after they gained equal legal rights, turned into two completely different and absolutely dissimilar people living on one common territory. Naturally, the revolution was inevitable. And it took place in the beginning of the 20th century. Moreover, the First World War came very inopportunely and made Nicolay the Second to arm 4 millions of former serfs. In short, the great Russian state that united the eastern Russian principalities in time of the first tsar Ivan the Terrible, stopped its existence after the October revolt in 1917.
       Since this time the genocide of Russian people began. It was carried out by another Russian people. First the genocide took the form of civil war, when the former surfs, in other words slaves, smashed lords’ mansions, expropriating the former slaveholders’ values and later on killing them on the bloody battle fields. At this, the number of slaves was always higher then noblemen. The numerical superiority was so big that there was no question of achieving a victory or return of power. Russian noblemen and bourgeoisie escaped from the country to uncertainty, in the wide world. Those who could those survived. Many could run away and stayed in Russia. They first experienced what genocide is. In other words, the first in the former Soviet Union who found out what is genocide were Russian people belonged to free classes. The organizers of the genocide became the former and hereditary slaves.
       These misanthropes got united into the political party, calling themselves communists and started satisfying their misanthropic instincts under the plausible slogans. These instincts reflected their slavery essence. You know, the hate towards man of a slave who grew in the environment of humiliation and violence, absorbed with his mother’s milk. When this repeats from generation to generation it finally becomes a genetic need. Not without reason already in the ancient world people’s attitude towards slaves was as to the most despicable class. Surprisingly, no one ever sympathized with slaves. Apparently because a person that degraded to the status of a slave looses the best human qualities, guiding only with the meanest and the most despise ones. The slavery existence forced him to this kind of behavior.
       Well, after they satisfied their savage instincts on the representatives of the highest Russian estate the communists tasted blood and already couldn’t stop. Hate and cruelty became the form of their existence. That is why they started seeking for targets in the multinational population of the country to satisfy their fatal passion – to hate and execute. As a result NKVD targeted on everyone who was naturally gifted: weather it was intellectual or simple village worker. This way the best part of Russian intelligentsia was exterminated along with the best part of village population – peasant-kulaks.
       However, the appetite comes with eating. The great paranoiac of all times and peoples (according to professor Bekhterev’s diagnosis) the leader and teacher of all slaves of the world and slavery black sheep of Georgian people Dzhugashvilli outbid all world tyrants, his predecessors exterminating at least 14 people of the Soviet Union. This record of cruelty wasn’t beaten yet. Even the communist Pol-Pot who destroyed only half of the population of his country remains far behind his idol as for the number of his victims. For all that, say what you like, but USSR was a free rein for the communists – hereditary slaves of tsarist Empire. No usurper in the world could shot and rot in camps few tens of (40) million people in peaceful pre-war time. Glory to Russian communists!
       In general, one should note that a human life both before and especially after the revolution didn’t care a dime. During the war against the German Nazis there were 10 killed Soviet soldiers for every killed German. This is just the official data. In reality the ratio was even higher. The military machines on a battle field were valued much higher than soldier’s life. That is why we won the war due to the quantity of people losses making up a feeble leadership. This life practice was also the legacy of a thousand-year-old slavery in Russia.
       Now I will return again to the question raised at the very beginning: what should be done in order that our terrible past stopped poisoning our present existence and didn’t turn into the future? Too disgusting this heritage is, especially when one has to compare one’s present being with the way of life of our foreign neighbors. Not in vain the saying goes that everything could be comprehended in comparison. I duty-bound (I’m the official representative of two peoples – Crimean Tatars and Crimean Karaits in the Federal Union of European Nationalities already for 17 years) to go to Europe. This let me visit 15 European countries, not to mention America. Every time when I get back home I suffer a stress plunging into an ordinary sovok’s everyday life. You know, I’m not a magnate or oligarch. My life doesn’t differ much from life of millions of citizens of post-Soviet countries. That is why I really plunge into this shit called the soviet way of life.
       You see, little has changed for the last 20 years in people’s way of thinking, despite exterior political changes. “Sovok” still keeps on exuding hatred towards everyone who do not look like him and only looking for an occasion to take it out on former communist outcasts. A hereditary slave is looking for self-expression. And Crimean authorities turn a blind eye to him. Why? Because they do nothing to change his way of thinking, imparted by the communist propaganda, built on the ideology of hatred and cruelty. Here comes a conclusion: one has to change the way of thinking of authorities first, in order that they changed the way of peoples’ life adopting the corresponding decisions and changed the ordinary people’s way of thinking.
       One could ask me where can we find these highly educated and experienced leaders, if people themselves elect them in their image and likeness? How can we break this exclusive circle? There could be only one answer – education of our leaders. It shouldn’t be just reading books – they had no time for this. It should be communication with similar leaders of other states that manifested themselves with outstanding achievements in the field of state management.
       It is no mere chance that I mentioned above my visits to more than 15 European countries. As the wise Chinese say: seeing is believing. That is why the most effective way is visit of our leaders-governors to these countries with close communication with their colleagues. We, the representatives of European nations are annually called to National Congresses of Europe that holds every year in a different country, thus educating us. We learn a lot. However, unfortunately, our knowledge remains unclaimed, because we are not the Presidents in our countries. What can I do for my country and my people – just tell everyone about what I’ve learnt. That’s it, because I have no power.
       However, taking today’s chance I dare to tell at least about one last year Congress, held in the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana. I’ll try to be as short as possible.
       Slovenia is a mountainous country, located in Alps and has an area of a little less then Crimea and a population of one and a half million people. Slovenians live on this territory since the 6th century. Today this is an independent state that separated from Yugoslavia after its collapse. The communist rule wasn’t long though, that is why it didn’t affect people’s mentality. Except Slavs – Slovenians Slovenia is inhabited by about twenty other national minorities. One would think that there could be preconditions to ethnic tension, moreover the majority of the population are Catholics, but there are also Orthodox and Protestants, and even Muslims. In addition, the history of Slovenia knows many wars in which participated the population from both sides. Last war was with Nazi Germany. You know, Slovenia from time immemorial was populated also by Germans.
       So, what? You think they sit on a volcano? Nothing of the kind! Slovenia is the most peaceful and successful multinational country on Balkans. I just fell in love with Slovenians – they are so even-tempered and cultures people, and one and all, young and old. Taking a walk along Ljubljana on my spare time I’ve never faced with manifestation of rudeness, so usual in former USSR or anything alike. And it is not surprising, considering that there are more that 40 thousand students in a city with population of three hundred thousand people.
       Though, one can tell about Slovenians forever. I think I have to tell few words about the President of this country – Daniel Turk, who not only addressed the participants of the Congress with greeting word, but what is more important spoke before the European community performing the report on the situation with the national issue in his country. I must note at once that this report created a furor among the congressmen. Despite the fact that every participant of the Congress was considered to be a decisive authority in national policy issues, everyone was shocked by the report. I think no other President knew the national issue and methods of national policy as well as the President of Slovenia. No wonder that Slovenia shows the classic solution of national policy.
       In conclusion I’d like to wish the authorities of Ukraine and Crimea, in particular, to spent few days in Slovenia, or better meet Danil Turk and speak to him in free and easy atmosphere and also visit places inhabited by some of the national minorities of the Republic. I’m sure there would be a lot of benefit from such short visit that could have far-reaching consequences.
       P.S. Last year (in 2010) national football team of Slovenia beat the national team of Russia, depriving the last of the right to take part in the world championship. You know, the thing is that the population of Slovenia is one hundred times fewer than the population of Russia.

     April 23, 2011

     E. Kudusov

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