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Ernst Kudusov

The Report Made on the Scientific Conference
”Ways and Scientific Providing of Financial, Social and Cultural Development of Crimea,
and Usage of the Scientific Potential of the Scientists Belonging to Crimean Tatars
and Other Formerly Deported Peoples” Simferopol, May 1991

       This report I gave already after my confinement in the communist “correctional facility”. However, as it could be seen from my report “the correction failed”.
       My report on this conference appeared to be exceptional, because the rest of Crimean Tatar scientists obediently followed the Party’s line. Even if sometimes they let themselves some criticism it was very careful and within the frameworks of what was allowed. My report benumbed the audience and the scientists didn’t even dare to react to it – to such extent it was discordant in the atmosphere of the conference. I appeared to be the rioter alone. However, the time showed how I was right. Even today five years later everything that was said by me at that time sounds revolutionary (from the book “The Confrontation Goes On”, 1996).

The report made at the selective meeting of the Scientific-Practical Conference in Simferopol
(Ecology Section, April 24, 1991)

       I would like to start my report from stating my impression of the first day of Conference’s work. When at the plenary sessions I, as well as the rest of the present were shown the role we – Crimean Tatar scientists suppose to play at this Forum. Frankly speaking this directive hurt and humiliated me. Because when I came to Crimea I supposed that the organizers of the Forum who invited Crimean Tatars from all over the Soviet Union to the scientific Conference in order to find out the scientific potential of the formerly repressed indigenous people of Crimea. And we – Crimean Tatar scientists by the way would have the possibility to make themselves familiar with each other. However, my expectations betrayed me. It appeared that after returning to my native land I shouldn’t feel here like a master and like a master generously invite to the Conference the representatives of local authorities in order that they listened and understood that we – Crimean Tatars, as the saying goes, were not born yesterday and that we are taking the leading places in the world’s scientific achievements. However, it happened on the contrary. Suddenly, I found out that I was invited here by Party’s Crimean Oblast Committee and must play here the role of a poor relative. One said, listen to me please, took generously the results of my work and it’ll be enough for you.
       Good gracious! How it is familiar to me! As though, there wasn’t any perestroika at all. However, it appeared that it was not only me who was humiliated by such line. At the end of the plenary sessions were started very heat and usually partial arguments and disputes. I should note that as a rule the discussions do not take such forms in the scientific circles. The reason was that the discussion came to the politicization of science.
       You, Alexander Nikanorovich yesterday made a perfect, but purely academic report. Nevertheless, it aroused the burst of emotions. Why? Only because there couldn’t be pure science in our politicized time, because our pure science, Alexander Nikanorovich would immediately fall into duty hands. This very pure science is used by unscrupulous people and usually by criminals. That is why I will speak in my report about the politicization of science and will not speak about geomorphology of the shores, though my report was announced as “Dynamics of Shore Zone”.
       Well, let me introduce myself. I’m a scientist with a long record. I have my Ph.D. thesis and doctoral thesis ready, but I defended neither one nor another. Because of my principles – I don’t want to give the results of my work to the scoundrels. Because it is impossible not to give the results of one’s work to the state considering our system of state science, so after I worked for a long time in this system and, as the saying goes, had to sing the song that I was ordered, I finally gave it up. Now I am financing my own expeditions for myself and here I speak from the position of an independent scientist.
       I will start from the title of the Conference. As I found out only after I had arrived at Simferopol it sounds literally: “Methods and Scientific Providing of Financial, Social and Cultural Development of Crimea and Usage of the Scientific Potential of the Scientists Belonging to Crimean Tatar and Other Formerly Deported Peoples”.
       The very statement and wording of the title are humiliating for Crimean Tatars. Let me explain why. First, if you want – I address to the organizers of the Conference – to use our scientific potential, first of all you should return us to our native land and return us our rights of indigenous people, then (if we let you) use us. However, everything is upside down here: first it comes about Crimea, its economy, etc. that evidently fell into decay after the deportation of its indigenous population. In order to develop to the former flourishing level all these ingredients one needs the help of the deported peoples. Nothing more that this. What a shameless impudence! What a blasphemy! Use labor of the deported people that had been destroyed, exiled, oppressed, but now were decided using it for the welfare of the newcomers who settled in the houses of the repressed people and who even failed taking care of the pillage. Not a word that first this people have to be returned, it should be provided with the human conditions for living, and only then it should be asked for help in development of the common economy.
       This is my first note. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the present Crimean Tatar scientists did not pay attention to this covert humiliation of our people. On the contrary, my statements in the lobby before the Conference were regarded by our professors and academicians as mean. In other words, my position aroused the negative reaction among Crimean Tatar scientists. However, I personally regard this just like the result of political immaturity of Crimean Tatar intelligentsia complaisantly thinking by the communist categories. It’s no wonder, because the scientist could obtain the title Assistant Professor or Professor only after he became the member of the Party.
       Now I would like to tell a few words about the draft conclusions of the Conference. As far as I know nobody has this draft. That is why I will read aloud those items which I oppose.
       It is written here that the Conference decided: “To ask Supreme Council of Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic (CASSR) to legitimate the recreation, economic and reserve status of CASSR”.
       First, the scientist can’t ask. He could recommend. Second, I’m positively oppose the recreation and especially reserve status of Crimea. The question arises: reserve from whom? From Crimean Tatars? Because it is stated here by the way, that the population of Crimea is destructive for the ecology of Crimea. Then, we – Crimean Tatar scientists not even returned to Crimea propose the law on closing of access to Crimea. Party regional committee by means of our recommendations decided to prove the impossibility of allowing Crimean Tatars to return their native land. It’s very cunning, isn’t it? And it seems like the obedient Party members from science are ready to obey resignedly to “recommendation” of Party’s Regional Committee. What pure science one could speak of after it.
       Then goes just few declarative items that mean nothing and consequently useless, like: “Develop the complex program of attraction… and etc.” This irresponsible talking could be appropriate only for the Party’s gathering, but it doesn’t trim the scientific meeting. One could easily guess where this resolution was worked out.
       I would like to draw your special attention to the next item 8, because I have straight opposite opinion in this respect. To make it plain I will read aloud this item: “Create by the Council of Ministers of CASSR the Committee on Science and Technique made up of the leading scientists of Crimea, Crimean Tatars and other formerly deported people in order to define and implement the most promising ways of… and etc.”
       Well, I think that if we would create such Committee by the Council of Ministers it will mean that it, I mean Council of Ministers will impose its conditions on us. In other words we – Crimean Tatar scientists are proposed to join already existing system which would implement the programs that were developed not by us. Thus, they want first to tame, insensibly subjugate and then rob us of our individuality. The music will be ordered by those people who organized this Conference, in other words the Party’s Regional Committee. We were already provided the role of lackey. We just supposed to join in a song when we will enter this chorus. Eventually we will be forced acting against ourselves again. This mustn’t be allowed.
       Living for seventy years under the wise rule of dear Communist Party we could made sure for many times that these leaders were, to put it mildly, incorrect, and frankly speaking – criminal in respect of ecology (that is, regarding the nature of Crimean), and regarding our people. That is why my proposal is to dissociate ourselves from the existing system. Namely, my proposal is to create the new independent scientific center. Independent from the Government and consequently from notorious Council of Ministers to which the progressive Crimean Tatars are kept out. Only one thing left open: who will finance this scientific center? Here I believe in Crimean Tatar national potential. It’s a common knowledge that in two months, on June the Crimean Tatar Congress - Qurultay is gathering. It will work out the program of development of the economy, culture and science of the outstanding people. I hope we could create our own financial bodies in the form of bank and various foundations. Want the Council of Ministers of CASSR or not we will be independent. And we will finance our scientific researches independently from the Party or State bodies. That is why we will not enter the prepared Soviet system. Though, I don’t speak on behalf of all scientists, but on behalf of those who support me and personally myself. However, regardless our number we will create the independent science!
       It is natural that the opposite opinion is not only rejected, but welcomed. If there will be two scientific centers it would benefit not only to the development of science, but also those who would use the results of the science.
       Finally, in the concluding part of my report I also would like to mention our shore geomorphologic problems.
       Yesterday the report of some Party’s official (frankly speaking, the report was useless and dull made on the pattern of Stalin – Brezhnev times and on the level of the newspapers’ editorial of the Party’s Regional Committee) mentioned the percentage of electricity supply – 15 per cent. For the state that claims to independence this is catastrophe. There are a lot of variants of using of the ecological energy sources to fill the lack of energy. The reporter mentioned the energy of wind as an unused potential of energy. This is very good, but this is not all. It seems like nobody knows that Crimea is surrounded by sea. Though, the sea is an inexhaustible source of energy. Let’s take the elementary wave energy. It is the closest to me as for an expert on geomorphology of shores.
       The wave energy has been used in the world for a long time. The wave energy stations operate even in the neighbor Bulgaria. However, nobody even heard about it here.
       This is one of the shore problems.
       Let’s turn from energy to food. The development of marine cultures reached huge scale in the whole world. Though, here in the Soviet Union it is discussed only in the scientific lobbies. Not in vain the above mentioned report contains no a single word about it. However, there are more than enough conditions for mussel growing on the sea shore of Crimean peninsular. Such enterprise could run any cooperative society and could flood the whole Crimea with delicacy marine foods.
       Let’s speak eventually about the beaches. For a holiday-maker the beach first of all is the place of active and passive rest, for an engineer is it the natural protection from offshore motion of sediments. In other words, the beach as a natural body is a useful object from the human point of view and that is why it needs protection and care. However, the illiterate economic human activity usually leads to such results when the beach disappears leaving the shore without protection. It results in renewal of the abrasion of shore processes and after it the landslide processes. Many evidently remember the disaster that happened in Pitsunda where the engineers built a beautiful parapet embankment that was completely illiterate from the geomorphologic point of view. As a result during one good storm the beach completely disappeared and the pompous parapet started literally falling into peaces in a moment under the wave blows. It required millions of rubles to restore the beach again and protect the shore and quay from the catastrophic erosion.
       I set this example in order to illustrate the typical practice when we usually create the projects and build the immense constructions ignoring the recommendations of the scientists.
       After creating nonsense one starts to scratch one's head. This lasts for 73 years. The science in our country unfortunately has no authority yet. The directing ring of the Party’s official with low mental abilities has more authority. We should stop this practice.
       The science always has to go ahead any deeds, but not to serve as a justifying covering for the realization of absurd ideas of ignoramus persons empowered with state authority. That is why it should be independent.
       When I worked for the system of Academy of Science I was involved in the state order on justification of an absurd idea of transference of flowing of northern rivers’ to the basin of Caspian Sea in order to stop the unrestrained reduce of its level. The tusk of the experts in geomorphology and sea shores was to forecast the development of shore zone under condition that the sea level would raise for “x” meters. Though, we had no right to doubt the very idea. At that time the scientists were illiterate and immoral in ecology issues. However, they were trained to be so. Thank goodness the times have changed and the northern rivers were left alone. It’s a strange thing, but in a few years Caspian Sea suddenly stopped growing shallow, and then on the contrary its lever started increasing inevitably, though a man did nothing for this. In this case the nature gave a good lesson to humanity: before erect any global constructions one should study the paleogeography of Caspian basin first and then all the questions became irrelevant themselves without invention of any measures on “transformation of nature”. The paleogeography gave us respond: the level of Caspian Sea varied all the time in the historic and geological past and these variations were related after all to the variations of the solar activity. The instability of the level in general is the peculiarity of any closed basin. In this connection the most interesting thing appeared to be the fact that the variation of Caspian Sea level, as strange it may seem, correlates with the variation of Aral Sea level. There is inverse negative relationship: when the first goes up, the second goes down like scales. At that time nobody paid any attention to this secondary conclusion. However, today it is very acute, because the decrease of Aral level recently became a real disaster for the population living on its shore. As a rule everybody blame the human activity for that. However, this time it is not the “nature reorganizers” who cry, but their opponents.
       In this dispute both of them exaggerate the role of human factor in the geomorphologic processes. Of course I understand that a man is not without sin in connection with the fate of Aral, but I should say you with responsibility that a man as the geomorphologic factor has secondary importance. For all that the main reason is natural – geomorphologic. A man either just intensifies or makes the natural factor milder.
       Such conclusion we made after studying Caspian Sea.
       So, it’s not so much people who are guilty in the tragedy of Aral Sea, but the nature itself. We, as elements of nature just have to take its whims into account. Yet, on today’s level of development of science our goal is to predict its whims and react on them in due time. Yet we can’t prevent them. It would be even better if we learn how to use them in our selfish ends. However, for this we need that the science became the first necessity of a man.

       Thank you very much for your attention.

E. Kudusov (to the right) with his wife (to the left) visiting American Crimean Tatars

E. Kudusov (to the right) with his wife (to the left) visiting American Crimean Tatars, in New-York in the same year of 1991 when he participated at the Scientific Conference in Crimea.Next to him sits Abduraman Demirayak, about whom Mr. Kudusov later wrote on in his brochure “Crimean Tatars in the World War”.

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