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Moscow and Crimea

Moscow and Crimea       Kudusov E.A. Moscow and Crimea:
       Studies of history of interrelation of two nations - Great Russians and Crimean Tatars. - Moscow. 2002. - 88 pages.
       Erik Kudusov wrote a vivid book. In it he tells about the close and very contradictory relations between Moscow and Crimea. It describes in every detail the development of relationships between Crimean Tatar and Russian people since the 15th century. The book ranks among the scientific - publicistic works whose authors oppose the settled myths and perversions, re-disclose the truth, and aspire to understand the place and role of the slandered whole the part of which they feel.
       The book contains the materials that had been never introduced to the scientific world before.

       ISBN: 5-93311-001-9
       Format: 145*205


Ernst Kudusov



     In order to start a description of the events connected with the participation of the Crimean Tatar people in the crucible of the World War II, it is first important to elucidate the historical situation which preceded the beginning of the war. This is important to do if only to understand, in the first place, what were the origins of the second world slaughter which took away tens of millions of innocent lives and, in the second place, to explain the fanatical cruelty of communists directed to the population of their own country after the end of the war. Strange as it may seem but these phenomena are closely correlated, especially if to observe them in the light of the latest historiographical investigations.


Ernst Kudusov

The Report Made on the Scientific Conference
”Ways and Scientific Providing of Financial, Social and Cultural Development of Crimea, and Usage of the Scientific Potential of the Scientists Belonging to Crimean Tatars and Other Formerly Deported Peoples” Simferopol, May 1991

       This report I gave already after my confinement in the communist “correctional facility”. However, as it could be seen from my report “the correction failed”.
       My report on this conference appeared to be exceptional, because the rest of Crimean Tatar scientists obediently followed the Party’s line. Even if sometimes they let themselves some criticism it was very careful and within the frameworks of what was allowed. My report benumbed the audience and the scientists didn’t even dare to react to it – to such extent it was discordant in the atmosphere of the conference. I appeared to be the rioter alone. However, the time showed how I was right. Even today five years later everything that was said by me at that time sounds revolutionary (from the book “The Confrontation Goes On”, 1996).


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